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Use a Bicycle Seat on Your Exercise Bike!

Bicycle Seats


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Exercise Bike Seats

Bicycle Seats .com  

Use our bicycle seats and gel padded seat covers on your exercise bike or stationary bike. they also fit street bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, and mopeds too.


The Most Comfortable Cushioned Bicycle Seats
        Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

  One reason we don't get enough exercise is PAIN!  Riding a bicycle is a low impact way to get your heart pumping, and is less stressful on your joints.
However, bicycle seats can be a source of pain, but we have the solution.

16" Wide
Contoured Bench Seat

Was $99.95  
Our Price $84.95

The widest seat we offer. New softer pad seat to help relieve pressure. 
More Info...

12" Wide Gel
 Bicycle Seat
12" Comfort Seat

Was $59.95  
Our Price $49.95

Extra-Support Gel 12" x 12" size.  Coil Springs for added cushion.
More Info...
Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat

12 1/2" long x 11 1/2" wide

Our Price $49.95

Almost 12" wide gel with an extra deep relief zone for groin, prostate & tailbone relief.
More Info...

11" Wide Gel
 Bicycle Seat


11x11 Big Wide

was $49.95    
Our Price $39.95

Most economical
Our most popular!! Measures 11 wide and 11 long!
More Info...
8" Wide Gel
 Bicycle Seat

was $39.95    
Our Price $29.95

Multi-stage gel comfort with center relief zone.
More Info...
Dual Pad
Easy Seat
Easy Seat (Unisex)

Our Price $49.95

Unique dual pad seat - doctor recommended to eliminate pressure
Rated to 450 lbs.

More Info...

Dual Pad
Deluxe EasySeat

Our Price $89.95

Unique dual pad seat - doctor recommended to eliminate pressure
Rated to 350 lbs.

More Info...

9" Wide
The Hornless Bicycle Seat

  Our Price $70.05
Add extra thick gel padding

Relieves prostate pressure & has GEL padding. Softer than the Easyseat.
More Info...

7 3/4" Wide
Horse Shoe

Our Price $84.95

High density foam cushioning and center cut-out design help relieve pressure to the prostate. Physician endorsed design.
More Info...

        Looking for a different size version 
of this extra deep relief comfort seat?
Or a sport version of the vented saddle?
Looking for a bicycle seat with more Sport and Performance?
We can get it.  Let us know what you need.

Your satisfaction is our goal.  If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days from the date of shipment, for a refund or exchange (excluding cost of shipping). If we made the error, we'll take care of the shipping too.


Comfortable Bike Seats - Comfortable Bike Saddles

Doctor Recommended Bike Seats for
Prostate and Groin Issues

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Did you know that bicycling is a low impact exercise with great cardio-vascular benefits?    Our bike seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise, more comfortably.  Please see the growing list of information concerning these issues for men and women. 


See The Most Comfortable Bike Seats Available. 
Guaranteed or Your Money Back!   Comfortable Bike Seats



Use our bicycle seats and gel padded bicycle seat covers on your exercise bike or stationary bike too. 
They also fit street bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, and mopeds. 

 NEW - Seat Pads for recumbent bikes and rowing machines too!


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